Let’s light the stars in Montelupo

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Fundraising for the opening of the observatory

"Beppe Forti" in San Vito  near Montelupo.

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  Build an astronomical observatory is not a trivial matter, especially when all the funds must come from the region, the province and the municipality, or by donations from companies or individuals. We realized in the course of all these years ... now it's been almost 20 since it all started. In recent years the rewards were many and the project is now well under way ... but there have also been several "drops" ... some even so hard that there is flashed for a moment, the idea of ​​abandoning everything . But the strength of this group is seen in their time of need ... and then we raised more determined than ever and now that we have come almost to completion we want to ask for your help to realize our dream: to finish the observatory "Beppe Forti "in San Vito near Montelupo.   The primary purpose is to make the observatory accessible to the public and open the lecture hall to be used during our lessons outreach and nighttime observations.

"Because all children have the right to dream and to be the center of the universe"

  The Gr.A.M., Amateur Astronomers Group of Montelupo, is a group of astronomy enthusiasts since 1995 is active in the research and popularization of astronomy for all age groups. Gram foto di gruppoThe Group carries out education for elementary, middle and high schools, continuing education for adults, astronomical research, training and professional development in the fields of astrophysics and astronomical observation. Periodically, weather permitting, evenings are organized where you can, with the tools provided by the shareholders, observing the stars and other celestial bodies.  

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  Given the considerable development of the results already achieved over the years, with the encouragement and support of the Municipality of Montelupo Fiorentino, a group of companies in the building sector and plant operating in our area and the Mr and Mrs Drighi donated a suitable plot of land, we have designed an astronomical observatory is conceived in the spaces in the equipment functional for them to perform our public service activities and to expand to users is much larger in number than as territorial reference.Foto Osservatorio_1 The project was carried out in 1995 by architect Massimiliano Marconcini that still follows us .. Then they are served more than eight years to get all the necessary approvals to proceed.

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These are the key dates:    
  • 1995:                            presentation of the project.
  • March 29, 2003:    laying of the foundation stone in the presence of Piero Angela.
  • June 26, 2004:       real beginning of the work on the occasion of the visit of Astronomer Margherita Hack
  • July 1, 2005:            the roof and the visit of Astrophisic Franco Pacini
  • 2006 - 2012:             masonry work, preparing electrical and plumbing, tiling.
  • 2013:                            installation fixtures.
  • 2015:                            connection electric light.

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Of course, now it has become a challenge and complete it would be our victory ... but to have an astronomical observatory in Montelupo not only would the pride of Gr.AM but also an educational center and interest for the municipality and its neighbors. OUR GOAL
  Really it misses the end of the observatory but the thing that we want most is to make the observatory accessible and complete the didactic part.


It takes € 25,000 in order to open the observatory  to public and allow our popular activities take place for the better in the place that suits them most. This is our main goal. To complete the observatory in all its parts will still serve many since we still have to build the dome observation and professional telescope for astronomical research. Below is a summary list:  
  •   25.000 €   - Opening the observatory - Our primary goal !!
  • 100.000 €  - Construction of the dome - According goal to reach after which we can already begin research with a semi-professional telescope provisional provided by the group.
  • 100.000 €  - Purchase professional telescope.
  The greatest reward for all is that of having given the population a place of great interest and of great scientific value that, through Gr.AM, can be used to spread the best passion for astronomy and all that the sky night (and beyond) offers us.
  • Besides, who gives from 1 to 50 €:
    • appointment and thank on the Book of Contributors Observatory
  • For those who give more than 50 €:
    • appointment and thank on the Book of Contributors Observatory
    • T-Shirt of the Gr.A.M.
    • Astrolabe
    • receipt (on request) for the deduction from the tax return
  For substantial donations please contact us directly. Rewards and receipt will be send within 2 months the donation (don't forget to leave your email!!) THANK YOU
  Thanks to all those who want to help in this project hope to see you soon in order to make you thrill Observatory astronomy (if you're not already) and to personally thank you !!!